Frequently Asked Questions


What is OnSpot?

OnSpot is a Mobile Workforce Management Solution that helps to monitor your fleet on street anytime anwhere. In addition to complete visibility on your fleet operations , it will also:
  • Scale your sales dramatically by accelerating the momentum at field level.
  • Simplify, synchronize and automate workflow.
  • Timely and accurate update of orders, call reports and other important data collection.

What are the charges for OnSpot?

Please contact our sales team for details on charges. Please note: In addition to our subscription charges you will have to incur the internet connectivity charges levied by your operator.

Can I get a free trial of the service to evaluate before making a decision to subscribe?

Yes you can download a free trial and use it for 7 days. To get a free trial please contact our sales team.

What are the pre-requisites for OnSpot?

You would need the following to avail OnSpot service:
  • A compatible handset as per our supported handset list.
  • Internet plan activated on your mobile from your mobile operator.

How do I subscribe to and start using the service?

The steps to activate the service are given below:
  • Contact our sales team to get the free trial activated.
  • Once the service gets activated you will receive an email and/or SMS with a link to download the application on your handset along with the website login and password.
  • The trial will run for 7 days free and then you will need to subscribe as per the charges provided by the sales team.
If you have any further queries you can get in touch with our customer services team.

How do I download and install this application on my Handset?

You can download the application over the air by clicking on the link that will be provided to you by our sales team. Please note that your phone must have the internet connectivity activated from your operator.

Which handset/platforms are currently supported by the application?

The application is supported across various platforms like BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, Java and iPhone. To view the complete list please visit our handset compatibility page. Please note all the features may not work on all the handsets due to hardware specification issues.

Can we run this application in any CDMA phone?

Yes the application is network agnostic and will work on GSM and CDMA as long as you have internet connectivity activated from your local mobile operator.

How do I start tracking once I have downloaded the application?

Once the application is successfully installed the mobile user should login in to the application. Users privacy is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, the tracking will automatically continue till the time he does not log out from the application. Once the user logs out tracking will automatically stop. During his logged in period is complete details (Locations visited, route etc) will be available on the web interface.

What if, GPS not working in any circumstances?

If the GPS data is temporarily not available , the application will try to retrieve location throuh WiFi or Mobile Tower. Please note that the accuracy will be impacted when the location is retrieved via WiFi or Cell Tower.

What is the accuracy of the location data?

The location data may vary upto 100 metres in case of GPS tracking and around 500 metres in case of Cell Tower tracking. Please note that GPS requires clear sky visibility to detect location and may not be able to retrieve location indoor or places where there is no line of sight. The behavior and accuracy may vary phone to phone.

What if, internet connectivity on my mobile is too poor or unavailable in some places?

The application is capable of working in an offline mode as well provided the data has been downloaded at least once. It will automatically sync the offline data with the server when the internet connectivity comes back.

Can the application run with any mobile service provider?

Yes, the application is mobile operator agnostic. You only need to have the internet connectivity activated on your phone.

Can the application be run in any geographic location?

Yes, the application can work globally at any location as long as the mobile and internet connectivity is available.

Does the application provide geo-fencing capabilities?