Location Tracking

  • Each location to visit becomes a waypoint for the person
  • Instantly locate your employees on map
  • Monitor planned Vs actual routes and adherence to Proposed Journey Plan
  • View useful reports like Idle time, Attendance reports etc

Notifications & Alerts

  • Received customized email and/or sms alerts one exceptions like deviation from PJP, excessive idle time and geo-fence violations etc

Time Management

  • The employee to get his daily schedule of locations on his phone via SMS
  • Today's Route Detail to be available for each person as a list of waypoints to be covered
  • System to record entry and exit time from each waypoint, or non-entry into any defined way point
  • Historic reports of each person – for adherence or non adherence to routes
  • Employees can clock in and out by using their mobile device
  • Track the duration of tasks or jobs
  • Pay only for visits actually done

Data Collection

  • Users can be provided with customized forms to upload data instantly from the location. The data can include:
    • Service Reporting
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Inventory etc

Advanced Options

  • Custom reports
  • Custom built forms
  • System Integration with existing ERP/CRM etc
  • Signature option
  • Barcode Scanning